I am Kara, creator of Wicks or Wax, photographer, wife and mother. I love mixing fragrant scents in my candles and tarts to create inviting smells for your home or office. Everyone loves something different so we have a wide range of smells for each person.  

 WOW! "Wicks Or Wax" is so happy you're here! We are a soy candle and wax tart company.    

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 Why Soy? 

Many reasons: Soy burns cleaner and longer than paraffin wax; Soy candles are natural because they're made from vegetable oil; Soy is preferred because they are better for the environment and the scent lasts longer than a paraffin wax candle.  


 Our Scent Options Include:  

Cappuccino  Brule

Sweet Snow

Drunkin Pumpkin

Jack Frost

Clean Laundry

Cranberry  Kettle Corn

Apple Pie

50 Shades


Home Sweet Home

Mulled Cider

Up On The Rooftop

Blueberry Cobbler

Summer Scents (will be available in Spring):

Butt Naked

Tootie Frootie

Hawaiian Blast 

As well as many other scents. Check back in Spring to find out what new scents are available. 

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